Our Team

Carsten is the company founder, managing partner, and mainly works in the areas of product development, key accounts, and Marketing.
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Sven is the boss’s right hand and takes care of the finances and staff.
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Britta is our all-rounder. As head of department, she serves our end customers (B2C) , works in accounting, and is responsible for processing orders & complaints.
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Sarah is the friendly voice on the phone and answers questions about our products, your orders and the handling of complaints. She also supports our accounting department and the product maintenance.
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Piero is our apprentice since August 2017 - he mainly takes care of customer enquiries and assists with major customer orders. Because of his roots, we are happy to give him priority in the support of Italian customers.
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Dominique puts everything in the right perspective, takes photos of our products, creates videos and catalogs, assembly instructions and sketches.
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Andreas is the software guy and also responsible for our ticket system and links to external software besides our Website.
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Daniel is a hardcore programmer and ensures smooth communication between sales, warehouse, and return Systems.
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Joachim is our hardware guru and server administrator. Besides that, he also takes care of the orders of major customers.
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Heidi takes care of our numbers, taxes & banking as our accountant.
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Heinz is a shareholder and processes the receivables management, finances, and bank communication.


Hannes organizes all files, papers, and documents.
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Marlies helps review returns and supports the accounting department during high Season.
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Sarah is the good soul of the warehouse and takes care of everything that has to be done. You often only see her from the back.
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Thomas races through the warehouse on his forklift and is also responsible for the pick & pack process.
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Annegret packages the products and sends them off to the customer.
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Khaton keeps everything super clean.



Felix & Dennis are responsible for unloading and storing our containers and inventory checks.



The colleagues Felix and Dennis, free & external employees, help us during high season when needed so that all items reach our customers on time.



Pierre, Mark, and Andreas are our product developers. They work together with Carsten on the new products; take care of models and the communication with the production sites. Besides the product development, they are also responsible for the three-step quality control consisting of RMI (raw material inspection), DUPRO (during production check), PSI (pre-shipment inspection) on site, at the producer.




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